Super Bowl Sunday for the ladies

Super Bowl Sunday for the ladies

By Stephanie Weaver
Jan 7, 2014 at 10:53am

Every year, the Super Bowl transcends team loyalties, party lines and even political differences to become a celebration where football fans gather around the big screen to watch the top two teams of the year duke it out. Most of these parties involve beer and hot wings and armchair quarterbacks. But Super Bowl parties don’t have to be for just the boys. Women can throw their own bash too.

Across the country, more and more women are embracing their football fanaticism, painting their faces in their favorite team colors and sporting cute, feminine-fit jerseys to rep their team. If you and your girlfriends want to partake of this unofficial holiday, you can totally do it with ease, class and fun!

Wine and Cheese

Replace the beer and nachos with a bottle of wine and cheese platter. Ask each of your friends to bring their favorite kind of cheese and try all of the yummy flavors. Not only will you be able to watch the Super Bowl in style but you’ll pleasure your palate with cheese delicacies.

Go All-out

Forget about your diet plan for one night and host a “Guilty Pleasures Food Super Bowl Party.” Load up on Ben & Jerry’s, cookies, candy and all of your favorite sweets. Put on a pair of cozy sweatpants (make sure they have an elastic waist!) and get your grub on.

Mini Makeover Party

Anytime is a good time to get dolled up! Have a Super Bowl party that doubles as a makeup party. Invite a consultant of your favorite skincare or beauty line to drop by and allow your friends to try out free samples and other goodies as the Super Bowl plays on the TV. Try different lotions, facemasks and mascaras as you nibble on snacks and watch some football action.

Hubby Night

If you still want to include your hubby, throw a Super Bowl Couples Party. Have all of your couple friends come over and watch the Super Bowl. Make it fun with some guys versus gals Super Bowl themed games.

Why do men have to have all of the fun during football season? Women can have just as much excitement (and onion dip) as the guys! All you have to do is get creative and find ways to incorporate your girly side with the rough-and-tumble world of football.